The Sri Lankan Star Tortoise

January 24, 2021

The Sri Lankan Star Tortoise

The Sri Lankan Star Tortoise is probably one of the most popular and most protected turtles in the world. There are approximately thirteen thousand Sri Lankan stars tortoises that remain alive today. All of them are born in the wilds of Sri Lanka, which is also where they are native. This means that they have not buy in any human hands or even in any ship that has docked in Sri Lanka. They have basically survived on the ocean itself and that has to be some sort of a miracle, considering that humans do not typically survive in the ocean.

The Sri Lankan star tortoise is a species called the Dry Tortoise. There are also known as the wet-land tortoise. They do belong to the group of turtles and belong to the genus Clibanarius. The star tortoise is quite large, measuring up to three feet long and over three feet in diameter when fully mature.

These are mainly tropical fish, which means that they can survive in waters from the warm Indian Ocean all the way down to the colder Pacific Ocean. However, they are also accustom to other warmer waters and do quite well in temperate climates. Their natural habitat is mostly dry land, including grasslands, desert areas, swamps, and forests. They also eat berries, leafy vegetables, worms, fish, and other crustaceans and invertebrates.

Amazing Turtle

One of the first things you should know about this amazing turtle is that it is not like other turtles in the sense that it doesn’t have a shell. Its shell is its legs. When the turtle moves on the sea floor, it will use its legs to propel itself out of the water and onto the sandy soil below. In fact, this is how they get their name – they move on all fours. This means that they walk around on all fours, just like land turtles.

Their name comes from the star-shaped patches that cover their entire body. These are also call plait lines and are find either side of their head. The star tortoise’s name also comes from the star-shaped patch that covers the eye, behind its lower shell. This is also where the tuatara (the turtle’s name) lives. These plait lines actually allow the star tortoise to look through its eyes, much like a human who has eyes closed. When it moves on the ocean floor, it uses its legs to propel itself through the water, just like a fish would use its tail to swim.

Their shells vary greatly in shape

size, and colour. While they generally look black on the outside, inside they are usually a rich golden colour. They can get as big as 10 inches in length. The star tortoise have compar to a walrus in the way that its shell gets smaller over time, just like a walrus’ shell.

Star tortoises known to live as long as 25 years. They breed well and have even been known to have two or more babies at one time. When a female Sri Lankan star turtle mates with a male, the male will move his body closer to the female, so that she will lay more eggs. Once they get into adulthood, the female lays a single egg and then the male leaves the female. She will then start another egg laying session, until her baby turtles are born. They are very protective of their young and will only eat when they are hungry, which means that you need to feed them often, or they could eat themselves to death!

People have taken to living aboard ships, as there is no place for the star tortoise to live. However, this turtles are not allow to stay on shipwrecks, because they get tangled in the nets and can suffocate if not kept dry. This is why it is important to buy marine turtle breeding stock, as this will ensure that they do not die, which is what would happen if they stayed on shipwrecks.

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