Sigiriya Sri Lanka – A Natural Wonder. Eighth Wonder of the world

January 12, 2021

Natural Wonder

Sigiriya rock Sri Lanka – it may sound like another name for the Grand Canyon. it is a beautiful island located in the South Indian Ocean. It is sometimes Sinhagiriya or Sigiriya. It calls the “crag of God’s Rock.” The name gives to the island by British explorer Captain James Cook in the late 1800s.

The name means “the rock on the higher peak.”It is a prominent attraction for nature lovers, tourists, and adventure seekers. Description Sigiriya or Sinhagiriya is an old rock fort located at the top of a steep hillock in the center of a vast plateau on the island’s western side. The name is der from a place of significant religious and cultural importance, which is dominated by a massive column of black rock almost 200 meters high.

Sigiriya rock Sri Lanka

Sigiriya rock Sri Lanka

It discovered by Captain Cook on his second voyage to Sri Lanka in 1820. Some consider it one of the most critical places for studying art and culture in Sri Lanka.

Nature lovers captive by the mountains, waterfalls, and cliffs. It is famous for its natural harbor, the only sanctuary in the world to locate on the highest ridgeline. Many tourists visit the place each year to watch the endangered species of sea turtles and manatees.

A Natural Wonder Sigiriya rock Sri Lanka

The rock is for being a location where you can see some of the most beautiful sunsets in Sri Lanka. The views and wildlife enjoy by nature lovers and people who like to take photographs of the spectacular scenery. Most visitors to the Sigiriya Mountains attract by the beautiful lush green mountains that surround the place. Tourists can view beautiful scenes of forests, grasslands, rice paddies, tea bushes, and other leafy green landscapes. There are several local art galleries where an artist will be able to display their works. These are art galleries also house some of the country’s most famous and talented artists. A walk through the mountains will allow you to see paintings that date back as far as three centuries.

Eighth Wonder of the world Sigiriya rock Sri Lanka

The artists that created these paintings were usually and ridicule for being poor artists. Today, many of these artists have managed to acquire international fame. One of the best-known artists is Kandy Kumar is known for creating watercolor paintings. He nominates for the Academy of Art’s annual award for outstanding achievement in contemporary art. Sigiriya is also known for its rich museum, home to numerous important works of art by prominent Sri Lankan artists.


These include renowned artist Kavya Kumar, who is famous for his landscapes. Art collectors and artists like Rudra Sen and Subhashishnanayan still keep visiting the place to see the wonderful collection of art that comprises the museum. There are also several other art galleries in and around Sigiriya, which showcase work by both local and foreign artists. The proximity of the airport and railway stations in Sigiriya makes it a clear and convenient place for tourists to travel to. There are several buses and car rental services available for tourists to hire cars and get around town. Tourists can get off the bus or cab and walk to the railway station on foot to catch a train.

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