Orphaned Baby Elephant Pinnawala Kandy [Elephant Outpatient Farm

January 12, 2021

Orphaned Baby Elephant Pinnawala Kandy

Orphaned Baby Elephant Pinnawala is a fully-reward sanctuary, nursery, and rescue center for critically ending wild Asian elephants found at Pinnawala, formerly known as Pinnawala Village, 13 kilometers northwest of Kegalle village in Sabragamuwa province of Sri Lanka.

Pinnawala is the second-largest area of Asian Elephants. It lies on the southern coast of the country. The elephants’ population is fewer than 400 in the entire reserve, primarily due to poaching. Coaching is one of the major threats facing these majestic creatures. The name Pinnawalla” literally means “at the place where the elephants came.” The word can also be from “pin,” a short form of the Tamil word “pan” and “wala,” an old word for the road. The reason why the name was is still unknown.

However, I believe that it refers to the fertile area between the sea and the hillocks where the animals came from. The orphanage’s main characteristic and conservation efforts are its relations with the Sri Lankan government’s National Parks and Reserves.

About Pinnawalla Elephant Outpatient Farm

The park establishes to help sustain the natural environment in addition to offering a haven for elephants. There are currently eight wildlife sanctuaries in Sri Lanka, where the animals protected. These include the Panti ya Kami National Park, Wilpattu Sanctuary, the Eravikulam Sanctuary, Eravikulam Waterfall, Keoladeo Ghana the Kanha-Yamaha National Park. The Pinnawalla Elephant orphanage has been a source of great pride for the community people who have long supported the animals and their cause.

They offer all kinds of aftercare services to children who have endured atrocious conditions. The children take care of the emaciated and dehydrated elephants. Some train on how to feed and handle the critically-ill. The animals stay in a large yard surrounding by a large enclosure. This design is a healing center, so the sick animals do not suffer. Their food by members of the community who cook them and prepare their milk. An orphaned elephant will typically stay quiet during the day but will roam when disturbed.

 Orphaned Baby Elephant Pinnawala

The mahout (tribe) that operates the Pinnawalla Elephant orphanage uses whistles, bells, ropes, and chains to keep the elephants from wandering far from their compound. The giant elephant calls a “Gorilla.” It weighs about 1200 kg and is slightly larger than the female mahout. It is somewhat oblong-shape with a trunk and two tusks. The mane is color black with brown spots on them. The animal’s prehensile nose appears to be human-like in shape. Its ears are long, and its eyes almond-shape. Gorillas live in the rainforests of the Kalahari Desert region. There are only around 200 individuals who inhabit this habitat which is located near the town of Pinnawalla. There believe to be only one female gorilla in the world. However, there have been reports of baby gorillas being born in captivity.

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