What Not to Miss on a Holiday in Kandy

January 10, 2021

Holiday in Kandy Sri Lanka What Not to Miss on a Holiday in Kandy

What Not to Miss on a Holiday in Kandy

Holiday in Kandy formerly known as Kerinikara is a bustling and thriving coastal town in south-western Sri Lanka. It is located on a scenic plateau surrounded by high mountains, which house tea plantations and vast biodiverse rainforests. The heart of the city is scenic Kerinikara Lake (Bogamara Lake), which travelers love to stroll around. The other major attractions in this beautiful town are the Temple of the Tooth, a prominent sacred Buddhist site; the Bekal Yai Devi Temple; the Bheema Yai Mahavir Temple; and the Athalaswamy Yalwa Yala Spiritual Retreat Centre. There are many other significant places of interest in Kandy, but these are the major tourist haunts. The vibrant and cosmopolitan nature of Kandy attracts thousands of domestic and international tourists every year.

Accommodation in Kandy

 Holiday in Kandy Srilanka The hotels are available in all price ranges. The most expensive hotels in Kandy are those at the highest end of the price spectrum, located on the outskirts of town. You will need to travel a long way to reach them. Affordable rooms are available at mid-range hotels and cost-effective guesthouses. A few hotels in Kandy are reasonably priced but provide good value for money for holiday in Kandy Srilanka

Holiday in Kandy Sri Lanka Park Hotels

The hotel nearest the seacoast of Kandy, Bophut, has a sea view and offers comfortable rooms with private swimming pools. It has an indoor pool and is equipped with air-conditioning and TV sets. Another good option is the Bophut Guest House. The MGR Guest House Cape Panwa is also an excellent choice. It is centrally located, and the rooms have air conditioning and TV sets.

The Hotels in Kandy [Luxury]

These hotels have reasonable room rates and offer excellent facilities. The lobbies have spacious lounge areas, and the rooms have to air-condition as well. The luxury hotels are the ones that have swimming pools and indoor bathrooms. They offer special packages for honeymooners and family holidays. Room service is available round the clock.


The hotels in Kandy are clean and tidy, and the staff warm and friendly. The restaurants and bars of Kandy are always busy, and there is a variety of cuisines available. Thai and continental food are served. The hawkers along the beaches of Kandy sell flowers, herbs, incense, and other native Indian and Chinese herbal medicines. Massage, Ayurveda, and Chinese herbal treatments are also available.

Camping facilities

There are many campsites around the beaches of Kandy. Most of them have electric hookups and running water. Hotels and resorts have their grounds, but they are not as luxurious as those found at the other hotels and resorts. Some of these campsites even provide basic amenities like mosquito nets and toilet blockages. They are, however, a lot safer than staying at a hotel or resort.

Holiday in Kandy Sri Lanka Disadvantages

Kandy Sri Lanka is a popular destination. It attracts tourists from all over the country and the world. It is, however, a popular destination only in the dry months of the year. If you choose to visit during the rainy season, you may face difficulties getting to the nearby lakes.

How to reach the Lakes: Kandy Sri Lanka is not too far from the cities of plugging onto the South Asian Subcontinent (SAS). You can fly into Port Louis, Mauritius, or Casablanca and then take a domestic or international flight to reach there. However, it is essential to bear in mind that some airlines operate routes connecting the Indian Ocean cities of Chennai, Hyderabad, and Kochi with Kandy. You may want to check with your travel agent or airline to find out the shortest route between these cities. In any case, if you fly into these cities, you should arrive in time for the scheduled dive tours.

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