Mind blowing journey to Ella Sri Lanka

January 16, 2021

Mind-blowing journey to Ella Sri Lanka Ella rock hike paradise

Ella rock hike paradise In Sri Lanka Ella is one of the most beautiful and greenish towns in the Badulla. District of Uva province. It is one of the best places you can travel and have endless fun and remarkable experiences with your loved ones. Ella has a rich biodiversity with numerous flora and fauna varieties responsible for the natural beauty of the Ella town. The town itself has a favorable climatic condition with sunny day times and cool nights due to its land elevation.

Surrounded hilly green forests and tea plantations enhance the unique beauty of the Ella. You can enjoy and visit several places situated in Ella. Probably you will feel you want to extend your journey to spend more in Ella.

Ella rock- hike to a paradise. to green

Ella rock hike paradise

Ella rock is a famous hiking destination for travelers. On the way to climbing up, you can meet rich biodiversity and favorable atmospheric condition, which lower your tiredness. The efficient trekker can finish the overall journey within 4 hours. To start the trip, you can get off the train. Ella railway station and continue to work on railway tracks. Walking on the railway lines before entering the hiking path also facilitates the mind-blowing experience we never can forget. During the hiking, first, you will meet the tea plantation. the course directs you to the way of long grass. which can follow the way straight upward. Eventually, you can reach the valley with a fantastic view. Then, you can match the area of Eucalyptus trees that can feel more about the beauty of nature. Just from that point, continuous climbing can reach the top of Ella rock. 

Once you reach there, you will be speechless due to its unbelievable panoramic view. You can have a massive collection of nature-loving and fun photos. Ella rock is one of the best hikes I had ever experienced.

Nine Arch bridge

Ella rock hike paradise

Nine arch bridge is well known for its nine elegant arches. and construction pattern bridge. which revealed Sri Lanka’s magical skill and knowledge regarding constructions.

The Nine Arch bridge’s construction only relies on rock, brick, and cement without using a single block of steel to connects the Demodara and Ella railway stations.

Recently, the bridge is well-known among tourists and local visitors to witness its unique feature of long train passes across the bridge. Nine Arch bridge stated between hilly green forest and tea cultivation which making photographers have numerous sceneries.

When you walk along the bridge toward the tunnel, you can see a fantastic view from the upside with hilly forest and some tea plantations below the bridge.

The train’s great experience enters the track, the train’s entire curve, and the trains emerge from the tunnel is the most beautiful part of the journey.

The best time to visit the place is morning; hence you can see the sunrise emerging from the surrounding hills, and you can experience less crowd.

You can grab the mystic scene on a gloomy day when the blue train passes over the bridge while white clouds swing in the valley. Nowadays the place becomes the famous spot for the tourist with plenty of attractive viewpoints.

Remember: Do not destroy the natural beauty of the places.

pick up your rubbish and plastic materials out of the area. dispose of them in a suitable location without any harm to nature.

Ella rock hike paradise
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